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The Day I Had At Khokana

It was drizzling in the morning. I hurriedly reached the school exactly at 7.30 A.M with a hope of visiting a place which my subject teacher used to talk about so often. The educational excursion was set up by my environment teacher Mr. Surendra Sthapit under the co-ordination of my class-mate, Sonu who used to be the school vice-captain too. She managed the whole program pretty well. As for other, Devraj Bhatta sir accompanied the tour with us to the excursion site. Nearly at 8:00 rest of the students from 7-10 arrived accompanied by their umbrellas as still it was raining, with the glimpse of uncertainly in their faces. My vice- captain looked very desperate about our visit and kept on moving around sometime arguing with the teacher to make it confirm as if we were going or not, later she got the confirmation from the teacher that at every cost he was in the thought of going no matters what so happens. Then I took a long breathe from inside, bit glad that I left home telling family that my teacher is taking us to Khokana and if I had to return it would be very shameful.

After the short stay in school bus arrived & as instructed by the vice-captain we climbed the bus and started to wait few more seniors as they had confirmed that they too would come but we were out of control because the time was ticking over. After a short while everybody sang songs with great enthusiasm as everybody seemed very delighted since they were away from books, more importantly with friends. We played antakshari (a regular dose in the picnic).

We reached the site within no time but it wasn’t the site we had a visit but it was the temple of Ganesh (Karyabinayak) as my teacher suggested that before we start any good deed we should pay homage to lord Ganesh who helps in succeeding the programs we think of. After the temple visit we had a cup of tea and we headed towards the place called Khokana. The track was rough and narrow. Crossing a small newari village we were asked to get off the bus and were told that it was the place where we told about. The place was very empty and barren seemed as if there used to a bricked factory but closed. The fact about the industrial pollution was the good example of that area. Even though the factory wasn’t running the situation of the place was speaking that environment was polluted due to the installation of the factory there. Then Bhatta sir managed to fetch the laborer who explains the queries we made. He told the process of setting up factories of that kind and how the bricks are made and burn, migrating the whole plant to other place.

Then we headed towards a narrower track. It took us up to a lush green meadow like land. The place was absolutely wonderful, truly marvelous. I thought after a long time I got chance to feel the green and smell the green as I being a city dweller there isn’t such green near by my place.

We quickly untied our body weight as our bag, ran across to enjoy the place. Seniors weren’t at all in that place but started to be the part of football match going on of the local boys. Ours teachers made themselves busy preparing breakfast for us.

After breakfast we enjoyed ourselves playing few games and enjoyed the place and silence created there. If there was any noise, that would have been of our’s scream and shout. We firstly played Khokho . It went to few rounds the some proposed of playing Tug-O-War. Suren sir joined the game where as Bhatta sir joined the boys for football. (Most amazing factor was sir enjoyed the game with maximum enthusiasms and zeal he could be so friendly, exciting, intimate I had never thought of as he when in school is always strict, serious and often very quite.)

The drizzle made the grassy turf very slippery but everybody was enjoying the possible slip as much I did. Within the game situation incidentally I was sticking behind him to pull our so called opponents and behind me was Sonu, rest I am uncertain. We won couple of time then they brought Bhatta sir in their side as they were losing the game simultaneously.

Later even before the game started we pulled and we all fell over one another keeping our sir at the base he facing the ground with some cake of cow dung. May be he sneaked some (hope it is not true.) I was very worried he might be angry but the glimpse of smile on his face killed my fear, the game continued. That might be the possible extreme level of enjoyment I had so far in my life. The zeal of the participants, the spirit of the game, the rain everything was in our favor. I quietly thanked God for all these.

Later half of the game was of chasing without any boundaries to run. Suren sir started the game and we all ran trying to run away from him. But he gained much support as he was able to touch some tortoise pretty quickly. But Bhatta sir create a troubled as he vanished from the scene and late came to know that he was hiding down the hill near river Bagmati. Then we all had our Tiffin, as we all felt hungry after the long hour of ups and downs. When we had ours, Suren sir shot us with his video camera and he asked few friends how the excursion ended? But I wasn’t the one who appeared on screen to answer his question but still enjoyed every bit of time I had at Khokana. Surely it was the day to be remembered forever in my life.

Dhading, after a long time

After almost a year I visited Dhading.  It wasn’t a holiday or a vacation but as always work in which I sneaked some fun time to roam around, have chatpate and spend some beautiful time with friends. Rainy season had made Dhading more beautiful and amazing to live in. I loved it there.

Strange, it happened in Kalanki bus station when i was heading toward Dhading. As discussed before Arun dai was to get tickets from gongabu bus station and me and Karuna (my friend) were to catch bus from Kalanki. When the bus arrived in Kalanki most of the seats were empty. We got in and to my amazement bus driver turned the bus in opposite direction. We were not sure what he was doing. We asked but no response. One of the passenger said he is trying to get more people in. After a round when we reached petrol pump (from where the bus leaves Kathmandu) of Kalanki again he turned the bus and went in an opposite direction for the second round. That was weird. I was glad he didn’t go for the third one. 😛

One thing that annoys me always when I travel Dhading is songs bus driver plays in a volume intolerable for humans. I told him thrice to cut the volume, he did but later again turns it up. All the songs he played were from some dohari album and jhaure. One of the song said “Dubayo Papi Maya le” re 😀 fun-ny. It’s wired. Choices of different people.But despite of these unwanted moments I enjoyed a lot in Dhading. Though I was there for work, no one said I cannot steal some tiny winy moment to have fun. Rain, rice fields, rivers, clean air, mountains, forests everything was so good. And on top of those CYCLING…. After long long time I got to ride a bicycle. WAH !!!! Loved it.


I was reading a newspaper and suddenly my eyes went on a words “Safe Abortion”, I was like “IS ABORTION SAFE?” How can an abortion be safe if it involves death in it? I read the whole article. Mostly it talked about death rate or complication girls or mothers have to face after abortion that was done in unauthorized center or people. Article further emphasized on awaring mother’s about not to abort their babies from unauthorized person. From this article it can be clearly seen that there is no prohibition in abortion.

As we all know abortion is the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo or a “BABY”. Termination means the ending or finishing and definitely in case of pregnancy finishing the life of baby that is growing inside. How come people forgot abortion doesn’t only involve mother but also a child?

Some of the dreadful techniques that so called legal or trained person use during abortion are:

Menstrual extraction, just an 8 week baby is taken out of mother’s womb with small tube which sucks the baby out. Most common type of abortion used is Suction aspiration where babies are cut into pieces and sucked through the tube into a bottle and then discarded. Dilation and evacuation used up to 18 weeks; a pair of forceps is inserted into the mother’s womb to grasp part of the baby. The teeth of the forceps twist and tear the bones of the unborn child. There spines and skull are crushed in order to remove. Salt poisoning, babies are poisoned with strong salt solution which bring death to them. There are others ways too but all of which leads to death of a child.

Abortion is definitely not safe for child so is it safe for mother then? A big N-O NO. It has never been safe and will never be safe.

Dr. Beverly McMillan is an obstetrician and gynecologist. In 1975, she became the first woman to open an abortion clinic in Mississippi. She stopped doing abortions in 1978 when she found out that the abortions she was performing were causing everyone involved far more harm than good. Some physical complication she mentioned are: excessive bleeding, intense pain, coma, incomplete removal of baby or placenta (which can cause life threatening infections or sterility) and even death. It can also result in blockage of fallopian tubes and damage to reproductive organs that can make it difficult to conceive or carry a child to term in the future. Girls even if you want to give birth later or when you think you are ready you won’t be able to, then what?

In Nepal abortions are made legal since 2002. But it doesn’t mean it is safe. We can see most of the government policies, organizations are promoting abortions which I think is leading many young girls and even boys to think that their mistakes can be solved within a few minutes. It shouldn’t be about promoting safe abortions. Instead we can promote sex after marriage, or counseling classes for girls or parents who are thinking about abortion. In abortion we are sure of child’s death but we are still not able to say that mother’s life will be safe completely. In-spite of the complication mentioned above, if they say abortion is safe then I can’t really tell what the hell is unsafe.

There is some unavoidable term if we are talking about abortion “Rape” where women conceive without their will. It’s very hard for women to carry a baby which is a fruit of rape. So most of choose to abort instead of giving birth.

Why should that innocent baby pay for his father’s crime? Isn’t the baby inside her womb equally hers? We talk about child rights, we fight against child abuse or child related things then where is the right of a child who is inside the womb, who is not even able to defense for themselves? These are the questions that I would like to ask all who says abortion is now SAFE.

Many might argue that the babies or fetus don’t have life when it is inside for their information, life forms right after sperm meets ovum. Though it can’t be seen from our eyes, but you believe it or not it is the beginning of new life. We don’t have right to kill anybody. We are not to judge who is to stay or who is to leave because one day when we will be judge we won’t have any answer for justification.

Sunila has now launched her new Blog.

Sunila has now launched her new Blog.